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CLI full API

Configure application's release environment

ramp release-configs add ramp release-configs list ramp release-configs delete ramp release-configs clear ramp release-configs validate

  • To release you need a valid API key for each env, there is 2 ways of adding it :
    • manually : you enter appId, envId, and associated API key (stored in keychain?)
    • automatically : you login and chose app, env, and cli key if there is, if not you can create (stored in keychain)

ramp release

  • You cannot call release if not configured (error message with both manually and automaticaly example if error)

    • first, if no appid error
    • then, if no envid error
    • then, if no mandatory param error ?
    • finally, if no cli key config error
  • Params can be configured via config file or cli flags

    • application id
    • environment id
    • etc...

ramp release bundle ramp release deploy

  • Release is composed of 2 sub commands

    • bundle (and build if hermes)
    • deploy (create & upload)
  • Optionaly you can add a flag to keep the artifacts (and specify an output path)