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Managing several environments

All your React Native Ramp application can be configured with several environments at the same time, to help you during your development, QA, pre production, and production phases.

Environments and targeting

Each one can be accessed throught its EnvironmentId and will manage all the different native versions you will be targeting while releasing updates throught the Ramp CLI.

Every bundle you release will thus be associated with :

  • An application, throught its ApplicationId,
  • An environment, throught its EnvironmentId,
  • A targeted version number target, representing the native application version you want to make an update on.

Example of release command that release a React Native Ramp update on the 1.2.3 native version of a beta environment:

ramp-cli release ${platform}
--app ${ApplicationId}
--env "beta"
--target "1.2.3"
...other parameters...


Every environment needs to have its own API keys configured :